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DUROLANE is a unique, single-injection hyaluronic acid therapy that provides long-lasting pain relief from osteoarthritis, for up to 6 months.2

What makes DUROLANE different is its hyaluronic acid formulation, which has been carefully stabilized to resist degradation, extending the time DUROLANE stays in the joint and adding to its long-lasting effect.1,26

As the chosen therapy of over 2 million osteoarthritis patients worldwide27, it is clinically proven safe for repeated courses of therapy,2 provides longer-lasting pain relief versus a steroid injection2 and Synvisc-One®. 4

Beyond safe pain relief, DUROLANE may help delay knee replacement surgery.*9,10

 *While not specifically studied in Altman et. al analysis3, DUROLANE belongs to the HA class, and has been found to perform similar to HAs brands analyzed (DUROLANE vs. Synvisc/Synvisc-one: McGrath et al.,4 and DUROLANE vs. SUPARTZ: Zhang et al.,28).

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Choosing DUROLANE means less time seeking pain relief and more time doing what you love.